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Sega Genesis Blaster


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Time to do what Nintendont!

The Sega Genesis Blaster (or Sega MegaDrive Blaster for our European friends) is a little board that packs a lot of punch! Thanks to the new switch-less automatic cart detection, you can keep it inside a cartridge shell and write new games to it without ever needing to pop it open to toggle switches! Just pop it into the RetroBlaster Programmer with the Sega Genesis cart adapter, write your game to it, and away you go!

This Blaster has a ton of cool features like:

  • 4MByte, 8MByte or even up to a massive 32MByte* of ROM space!
  • 256Kbit SRAM support
  • SSF2 support
  • Automatic game detection sets up SRAM and ROM requirements when booting – so no switch toggling required!
  • Reliable battery protection circuit ensures your save games are safe for years

Select the 8MByte option for being able to play large games like SSF2, otherwise 4MByte plays just about everything else!

Works on authentic consoles and most clones.

*NOTE: 32MByte for homebrew developers only, and uses an extended version of the SSF2 mapper! Not compatible with standard games*

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4MByte, 8MByte, 32MByte (homebrew only)


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