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GBA Blaster


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**SOLD OUT. ETA Mar 31 2021**

This little board is a one-stop-shop for the GBA handheld console. It uses a CPLD to recreate the functions of a real GBA cartridge – all while fitting into a normal cartridge size!

No soldering, no hassle! Simply pop the GBA Blaster into the RetroBlaster 2.0 Programmer with the GameBoy adapter, set the programmer to voltage switch to 3V, and write your game to it – the RetroBlaster software will do the rest! It takes all the guess-work out of making your game playable on a real console.

The GBA Blaster comes with:

  • 32MByte ROM space
  • 32KByte of FRAM – which means no battery needed to hold save games!
  • Native support for games that use SRAM
  • Compatible with the GBATA program, allowing games that use EEPROM to save normally (games must be patched before programming)

*see incompatibility list for info about games that use Flash for saves



GBA Blaster Incompatibility List

Video demo:



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