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32Mbit Sega Genesis /MD Reproboard


32Mbit Sega Genesis / MD Reproboard

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These boards are compatible with almost ANY Sega Genesis / MD game out there! The only exception is SSF2 or any game with a custom mapper chip (e.g Pier Solar). Perfect for all your Sega needs!

The board can handle up to 32Mbit of ROM, and 256K of battery-backed SRAM.



Parts required for assembly (eBay, or work great for these):

*NOTE* All parts should be through-hole, and are placed where written on the board.

1x 74HCT139 :

1x 74HCT74  (only needed for games larger than 2Mbytes) :

1x 256K SRAM (generic name is 62256 SRAM) :

1x CR2032 battery with tabs :

2x 1K ohm resistors :

2x 1N4148 diodes :

1x 22uF capacitor :

2x 0.1 uF capacitors :

1x M27C322 or M27C160 chip (programmed with the ROM file) : you must search eBay or Aliexpress for these, they’re always available there


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Weight 17 g
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 0.5 cm


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