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SNES MegaROM 2.0


SNES MegaROM 2.0 Reproboards

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This SNES MegaROM 2.0 Reproboard is perfect for all your homebrew and repro needs! It is the one-stop-shop for making homebrew and repros for the SNES! It’s features include:

HiROM support up to 32Mbit

LoROM support up to 32Mbit

ExHiROM support up to 64Mbit

Star Ocean support for a whopping 96Mbit!

64K and 256K SRAM support

This board can handle basically any game that doesn’t use a special co-processor chip like the SA-1 or Super FX.

Now you can make your favorite SNES games without any messy rewiring or searching to find the right donor! Just solder your parts onto the board and you’re ready to play!

Requires the SNES SuperCIC to be able to play in original SNES consoles, not needed by clone consoles.



PDF Assembly Instructions and Parts List

Patch Files for Star Ocean

Step-by-Step ExHiROM tutorial (old design)

Additional information

Weight 19 g
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 0.5 cm


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