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NES MMCx – The perfect board for all your NES needs!

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**SOLD OUT, ETA December 2018**

The NES MMCx board – a perfect way to play your games on the NES! This board can be configured for a wide range of Mappers (selected during checkout), including MMC1 (SxROM), MMC2 (Punchout/Punchout hacks), MMC3 (TxROM) and MMC4(Fire Emblem, etc), as well as many others! This product has been re-designed from the ground up, and is compatible with all authentic NES consoles and most clones including the Analogue NT and AVS consoles!

Just place your PRG, CHR and SRAM + CR2032 battery (if required) onto the board and solder them into place. Add a AVRCIC chip (sold separately) if playing on a original front-loading NES, not needed on the Top loader or clone consoles. All other components come already attached, making assembly a breeze! See the PDF instructions below on how to assemble for each Mapper version, as well as a complete list of parts needed.

Check below to see what games are supported with each version (only retail games shown, does not include homebrew or hacks):

MMC1 (SxROM),  MMC2 (PxROM),  MMC3 (TxROM),  MMC4(FxROM)

Other mappers currently supported (not available through the website, email us for ordering inquiries):

Mappers 0, 2, 3, 7, 11, 30(homebrew mapper, no self flashing)



FamiROM – NES ROM prep tool

PDF Assembly Instructions

Additional information

Mapper Version



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