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NES Discrete Mappers (NROM, CNROM, AxROM, UxROM)


NES Discrete Mappers Reproboard

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Buy 20-49 boards and save 10%. Buy 50-99 boards and save 12%. Buy 100+ boards and save 15%.


This NES Discrete Mapper board is used to make NROM, CNROM, AxROM and UxROM games. That covers a large amount of the earlier NES titles, including some classics like Castlevania and Mega Man!

Now you can make your own repro / homebrew game without any messy wiring or struggling to find the right donor!

*Requires the NES AVRCIC chip in order to play on authentic NES consoles. Not needed on clone consoles.


PDF Assembly instructions

FamiROM – NES ROM prep tool


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