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N64 CIC chips


Extra N64 CIC chips for use with the N64 Blaster.

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These are replacement CIC chips, for if you want to be able to switch the CIC type (some games require different CICs).

An example is Legend of Zelda OOT, which uses a 6105/7105 CIC chip, whereas Super Mario 64 uses a 6102/7101 CIC.

A complete North America release list of what games use which CIC can be found in the ROM prep tool download as a spreadsheet.


**Please note that the 6101/7102 CIC is basically ONLY used by Star Fox 64.**


Additional information

CIC type

6101/7102 (ONLY USED FOR STAR FOX 64), 6102/7101, 6103/7103, 6105/7105, 6106/7106


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