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N64 Blaster


N64 Blaster – the perfect board for all your N64 repro / homebrew needs!

Choose your CIC type below:

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Buy 20-49 boards and save 6%. Buy 50-99 boards and save 10%. Buy 100+ boards and save 15%.


**Sold Out! – expected to be available┬áby August, will update on Twitter @RetroStage_PCB when in stock**

This amazing little board can play the majority of the entire N64 library! Simply pop it in the Retro Blaster Programmer (sold seperately), write your game, and you’re ready to play!

The board is configured with 256Mbit of ROM, 256K SRAM save support and battery backup, 4Kbit EEPROM save support, and NTSC/ PAL support with only the flick of a switch.

The board uses the UltraCIC chip (select which one you’d like), and can be configured for 6101 – 6106 / 7101 – 7106 CIC codes (depends on your game requirements). Just swap the CIC to the one your game needs and you’re done (extra CIC chips sold seperately).

No soldering or electronics experience required!

**Please note that the 6101/7102 CIC is really ONLY used by Star Fox 64.**







Additional information

CIC types

6101/7102 (ONLY USED BY STARFOX 64), 6102/7101, 6103/7103, 6105/7105, 6106/7106