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32Mbit Sega Genesis /MD Reproboard


32Mbit Sega Genesis / MD Reproboard

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*SOLD OUT* Estimated available April 2018

These boards are compatible with almost ANY Sega Genesis / MD game out there! The only exception is SSF2 or any game with a custom mapper chip (e.g Pier Solar). Perfect for all your Sega needs!

The board can handle up to 32Mbit of ROM, and 256K of SRAM.


PDF Assembly Instructions


Parts required for assembly (eBay, or work great for these):

*NOTE* All parts should be through-hole.

1x 74HCT139

1x 74HCT00

1x 74HCT74  (only needed for games larger than 2Mbytes)

1x 256K SRAM (generic name is 62256 SRAM)

1x CR2032 battery with tabs

1x 1K ohm resistor

1x M27C322 or M27C160 chip (programmed with the ROM file,  buyicnow can do this for you)



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